ABOUT saetra


saetra (Pty) Ltd was established in 1972 by a group of friends. The business quickly became more formal and in 1974, under the leadership of Pieter Hurter became a private company. In 1998, saetra was taken over by Christiaan Brink.

The company is classified as a small enterprise and this is one of its strengths when it comes to personalised service.

Being "lean and mean", no extra baggage is carried, which affords the company the opportunity of focusing on the individual, and highly specialised needs of clients.

Current Focus

saetra fulfils the role of importer, trader, agent and representative simultaneously. The company operates in the technological, astronomical, optical, engineering, research, industrial and medical fields.

We distribute products from leading international suppliers.

We provide a specialised service to our clients in sourcing specific products on the international market, obtaining quotes and negotiating prices with international suppliers and arranging the importation into South Africa.


Our aim is to provide the correct material to each customer at the right time and the right price through dedicated service.

Our Customers

Our customer base has been developed over years and include many of South Africa's leading companies in aerospace, defence, security, medical, optics and research and development industries.


saetra is an importer who distributes some of its products through its daughter company saetra Industrial Technologies (Pty) Ltd, a Level 4 BEE contributor. Together both these companies support a variety of communal initiatives including:
-  PEN, a faith-based organisation that is working to uplift people living in the inner-city of Pretoria.
- selective programmes by NGOs/Individuals which are aimed at the improvement of communities in need.

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