We source precision optics that meet our customer's most stringent requirements. Agreements and partnerships have been formed with world class and industry leading manufacturers and suppliers. Small, prototype quantities as well large production run quantities are delivered at globally competitive prices and lead times.

Products & Services

  • Prisms and Flats
  • Spherical lenses
  • Aspheres and Axicons
  • Mirrors
  • Free forms
  • IR optics
  • Sub Assemblies
  • Coating of a wide range of different glass substrates for virtually any spectral range
  • Discs, wafer blanks and other semi-finished components
  • Consultancy and customized solutions


  • Glasses such as Schott, Ohara, Hoya and CDGM
  • IR materials such as Ge, Si, CaF2, ZnSe and ZnS
  • Corning fused silica and zero expansion glass


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We have not listed all the products we can source. Please contact us for a quotation on the items you require.